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I’m bummed that they don’t yet have comments up and running, because it would be great to get feedback and be able to interact with readers.

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Native American artifacts dating back to 10,000 BCE have been recovered from nearby Dawes Island and artifacts from the Woodland Period, around 1,000 BCE have been discovered on Spring Island.

The Yamasee Indians were some of the earliest recorded inhabitants on the island, dating back to Spanish exploration in the mid 1500s.

Spring Island was deeded to John Cochran, an Indian trader, in 1706 and passed through 12 generations of private owners spanning more than 300 years.

George Edwards acquired the island in 1801 and put a little over 1,000 acres under cultivation.

Edwards grew wagon loads of vegetables but his primary crop was one the region became noted for – Sea Island cotton.

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This will sound morbid, but I read articles on the internet about what dying people regret most (here’s a long one) (here’s a short one).

I’m praying He gives us eyes to see which direction to move in, faith to trust in the stillness of a waiting period and confidence as we remember that nothing can separate us from His love. Let’s Chat: Observe: Suzie Eller encourages us, at the end of Chapter 7, to “note the miracles around you” as you wait. Take notice of the smile a stranger offered, the cup of cool water you brought to your lips, or a beautiful flower growing wild.

Thank You for Your grace every time I try to move ahead without You. Help me see how beautiful the Jesus Factor is at every crossroads You bring me to. I’m so thankful God brought me out of my mess and into this community.

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