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Hidden blocks in current model Show hidden block definitions Allows display of block names beginning with * (asterisk character).If you open a drawing that contains only a dynamic block, you are prompted to go directly into the block editor.If you have dragged and dropped the image into the drawing or used the OLE method, you realize that file is being referenced and therefore the separate picture file needs to be included when you send the file to the client.Today’s tip shows how to bring the picture into a drawing so that it is not a reference and is therefore one less file to have manage…In the April From Auto CAD to Revit webinar, Aaron demonstrated how users can impressively tell their story with views in a Revit model.

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Block Manager Block Definitions Name Displays a list of block definitions in the model., 2017, offering several new enhancements, features, and time-savers for the Auto CAD community.In their “Auto CAD 2018 New Features” Skype chat, CADLearning’s Senior Content Manager David Cohn, and U. CAD’s Senior Technical Specialist Ka De King, shared their favorite new updates to the Auto CAD 2018 release.Linked file is older The linked file is older than the block definition.Linked file is newer The linked file is newer than the block definition.File not found The file that was used to create the block definition cannot be found.