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When it comes to determining the age of stuff scientists dig out of the ground, whether fossil or artifact, “there are good dates and bad dates and ugly dates,” says paleoanthropologist John Shea of Stony Brook University.

Example of consolidating excel workbooks

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Luckily with Power Query this consolidation task can be done in a couple of minutes! I show you how below…DOWNLOAD EXCEL WORKBOOKNow you can Refresh the Pivot Table and the new imported data will be reflected Next month all you have to do is drop in the new month’s workbook into the 2016 Sales Folder and Refresh the Query & the Pivot Table to see the results!

All excel (xls or xlsx) files inside working folder will be merged into current worksheet. If you want to start new merge for multiple xls or xlsx files you have to clear the current worksheet, or create new file for merge.

You can consolidate your data in three different ways.

The attached workbook shows the three examples of Consolidation.

It can be used to summarize data from different worksheets into master worksheet and create a report using a variety of calculations.

Consolidate is found under the Data Menu; Data Consolidate.