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If you look at your logs you will most likely see something like this: Much more efficient! Let’s continue with this example and build out a tag cloud for our blog.

This page will show a simple alphabetical list of all the tags, as well as the number of posts associated with each tag.

This code is problematic - we made a single query for all the posts, but for each post we render we are making an additional query to get the tags for that post.

This is the N 1 problem: we made a single query (the 1 in N 1) that returned somethig (of size N) that we iterate over and perform another database query on (N of them).

Just like behaves differently when data is loaded and when data is not loaded in memory.

Let’s say that we have two users with first_name “Sam”.

id=39170) which means the isolation level gets persisted outside the transaction.

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Unfortunately, we have actually solved the N 1 problem only to introduce another problem - memory bloat! This new Resource can be found in the same spots and can be used to make Stims for you and your clanmates. All eligible Clans have been rewarded their goods based on the tiers here The operation is over but Synthula is here to stay!The War Within: U19.0 • H19.0.1 • H19.0.2 • H19.0.3 • H19.0.4 • H19.0.5 • H19.0.6 • H19.0.6.1 • H19.0.7 • U19.1 • H19.1.1 • H19.1.1.1 • U19.2 • H19.2.1 • U19.3 • H19.3.1 • H19.3.2 • H19.3.2.1 • U19.4 • H19.4.1 • U19.4.2 • H19.4.2.1 The Glast Gambit: U19.5 • H19.5.1 • H19.5.2 • H19.5.3 • H19.5.4 • H19.5.5 • H19.5.6 • H19.5.6.1 • H19.5.7 • H19.5.7.1 • U19.6 • H19.6.0.1 • H19.6.1 • H19.6.2 • H19.6.3 • U19.7 • H19.7.1 • H19.7.2 • U19.8 • H19.8.1 • U19.9 • H19.9.1 • H19.9.2 • H19.9.3 • U19.10 • H19.10.1 • H19.10.1.1 • U19.11 • H19.11.0.1 • H19.11.1 • H19.11.2 • H19.11.3 • H19.11.4 • H19.11.5 • H19.11.6 • U19.12 • H19.12.1 • H19.12.1.1 • H19.12.2 • U19.13 • H19.13.1 PM ET Status: We are experiencing a slight delay and are working to get you your rightfully deserved Ignis Wraith. PM ET Status: The original script had a hiccup, so we're running a fixed up script to get you your rewards. Stims can be used on any NPCs in need of your aid - Rescue Targets, Sortie Defense Targets, etc.Please note that certain clans who had already receive the inbox message will receive it again, but it will not grant them another set of rewards. Additions: The current Top 10% Score for competing Clans in The Pacifism Defect can now be seen here in the Public Leaderboards: A note of clarification: If your Clan gets this Top 10% score or higher, you're currently in the bracket that qualifies for the Ignis Wraith weapon research in your Clan Dojo at the end of the Operation.The leaderboard score is what counts here, not the Clan stats score (which includes people who joined late).