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Or the application might compute the content of the virtual table on demand.

Here are some existing and postulated uses for virtual tables: is passed as written (as text) into the constructor method of the virtual table implementation when the virtual table is created and that constructor is responsible for parsing and interpreting the arguments.

Note that design-time packages and run-time packages are two different beasts: The former adds itself to a palette in the IDE and provides an interface to access its properties, routines, and events; The latter is used by applications that were compiled with run-time packages, ie. Some BPLs are both design-time and run-time, so I guess they have a switch somewhere in the code that lets me act differently depending on the context.

Check with the administrator of the Unix box that the date can be updated prior to changing.If the OPERA database server needs to be taken down, the OXI services should be stopped to allow a graceful disconnect from the database.Once the OPERA database server is back, you also need to restart the OXI services and processors again.On a Windows NT machine, go to the task bar and double-click on the time.Correct the time to be what the Database server has.Once installed, packages are listed in the Registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland\Delphi\ Components meant to be used in the IDE can only be installed as a package, ie.